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Was she black?

“Was she black?” my 10 year-old daughter leaned in and whispered as we walked toward the car.

I was puzzled for a second. Then I noticed her eyes advert to her 7-year-old sister, who was skipping a few feet ahead—a clear signal that it was safe to answer because she was out of earshot.

Then it hit me. She was talking about Sandra Bland. She must have overheard me discussing the case on the phone moments before leaving the house. Read more

Do you think the police will get her?

Last Saturday, I came up with a brilliant plan to avoid the sibling MMA fights that occur every few hours in our house. I dropped off my youngest daughter at a friend’s house and told my oldest she could invite a friend over to ours.

With both girls occupied, I thought, I might also be able to get some work done.

For the first two hours my plan worked perfectly. Skye and her friend played peacefully, leaving me uninterrupted for two glorious hours.

And then:

Read more