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Nearly five years ago, I planted a tiny seed and now, I’m watching as it grows. Same Difference began as a dream, then blossomed into words, sketches, paintings, and finally, a book. I feel like the mother of a newborn baby. After so much time spent nursing, coddling, and grooming,she’s sitting up on her own, and I’m so proud.

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At last…

As my 2-year old daughter, Sage, likes to say, “I did it!”  After years of a holding on to my deferred dream, I finally published my first children’s book, Same Difference.

As a dedicated artist, wife, and mother of two girls (ages 4 and 2) and a teenage boy (a gift from my marriage), I’ve had plenty of good excuses for why I couldn’t complete the book that I’ve wanted to write and illustrate for so long. But here I am—at last. It’s been a long and often-emotional journey, but well worth it. The response that I’ve received thus far from people who have been touched by the story and message of Same Difference has been truly overwhelming.

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