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What’s important anyway?

Over the last month, my home has been undergoing renovations, which has left my family feeling dishelved and very unsettled. Although we have had a difficult time finding the simplest things, from our toothbrushes to shoes, we have somehow been keeping it together. My husband and I are using this opportunity to revamp the place, go through some of the clutter, simplify things, and reevaluate what is important. And through this process, I have been considering this in other areas of my life.


Last week, I was driving in my car with my oldest daughter, Ms. Prissy, discussing her bad habit of placing her fingers in her mouth. I was in complete mommy mode. I was giving her a lecture on germs and how it could affect her teeth. Well, when I was done, my very witty girl asked me, “Mom, do you have anything you think you need to work on?” I looked back at her in the rear-view mirror and saw her longing for an answer. I thought for a second and said, “Organization. I wish I could be more organized.” A couple of seconds lapsed and she replied, “I know a better one. Maybe you should not be so hard on yourself and your children.”

Wow. Punch to the gut.

She did have a point. I am hard on myself. My mother, close friends, and husband are always telling me I need to take time and veg out more. I am constantly working on something and have very little “me” time. And maybe I am putting that on my girls.

As my Thanksgiving weekend came to an end, I thought a lot of how thankful I am for a loving family and healthy children that challenge me at every turn. And I vowed to play loud music and dance around the house more. I’m going to try to sleep in (even though that is not in my DNA), read, catch movies, and draw with my kids more often. You know… do all the important things.

I hope you had a wonderful and well rested Thanksgiving.

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  1. Granny Rita and Donovan Livingston #

    you are the best in all you do in Family and Friends. Love the story its something to

    think about when we talk to our kids. PS read the essence article.enjoyed it,

    November 30, 2011
  2. I can so relate to your blog. Sometimes in our quest to get everything just right, its easy to lose focus on what’s important, enjoying the moment. Thanks for the reminder!

    December 1, 2011
  3. Paytress #

    Yes, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoyed yours as well!

    December 1, 2011
  4. Jawahn Ware #

    Wow. How did I miss this one… out of the mouth of babes. I will take the advice too.

    December 31, 2011

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