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Not Just For Girls!

same difference book readingOver the last few months, my life has been a whirlwind of book readings, book sales, and teaching art classes, not to mention the trials and tribulations of married life and parenting. Though stressful at times, all is well — if you don’t count my futile attempts to potty train my 2-year-old daughter, who always tells she’s gone AFTER the deed is done.

But I’ve been in overdrive trying to promote Same Difference, and my efforts are starting to pay off.

Today my neighbor, who is Vietnamese, stopped me to tell me that he’s read Same Difference to his 3-year-old son more than a 100 times. I smiled and chuckled to myself. Both of my girls have favorite books and movies that I’ve been forced to read and watch over and over. I know firsthand what it’s like to have to feign joy each time I’m forced to read about princess Barbie as if it wasn’t the thousandth time. Funny though. I have no problem reading my own book every day, all day.

A few weeks ago, I read Same Difference at L.A.’s posh children’s restaurant Giggles N Hugs, where I met a father, who is white, who bought the book for his son. He was excited about adding Same Difference to his son’s collection because he understood the deeper message about acceptance and appreciating diversity.

I am so happy that Same Difference is thriving. And I’m honored to receive calls, e-mails, and letters from parents and organizations about all the children who love the book. Though I originally wrote it to address the sensitive and often divisive issues of beauty and identity among African Americans, Same Difference is touching people’s hearts regardless of race — or gender.

close up reading

Thank you all for your support, love, and beautiful messages. And a special thanks to those parents brave enough to buy my little pink book for their sons.

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