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The Sexy Bathing Suit, the Muslim Wife, and Puke

Summer is finally here, which means more family time, hot days, and dips in the pool. Yesterday, as I went to grab my bathing suit to take a quick swim, I had a flashback from two years ago, recalling one of my most memorable summertime moments.

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The Swim

A few months ago, I joined a swim club in Los Angeles after a friend raved about how great she felt physically and mentally after each session. Her toned arms convinced me that swimming might a good way for me to get fit. I’ve always loved to swim, so I decided to take the plunge.

On my first day, I came prepared: new goggles, new swim cap, new bathing suit. I arrived early for the 5:30 a.m. class to introduce myself to the coach.

“Can you swim?” she asked as she shook my hand.

“Yes” I replied, thinking back to my old swimming days (see image below for reference).

SD swim pict

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