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Mommie Time-Out !

A few weeks ago, while organizing my youngest daughter’s 6th birthday, I remembered one of the more memorable kid parties I went to with my girls.

It was an ice skating party. Harmless enough.

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The Mask

It was that time of year again. Between the Halloween parties and events at my kids’ schools, I needed a costume for myself. Ughh… I had been thinking maybe this year I should just buy a mask, especially since I had been comfortably wearing one for weeks. The funny part is I did not even realize it until it slipped off when I was at the gym a week before.

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Sleepless nights, Mojo Jojo & the Powerpuff Girls

3:oo a.m. Shrieking screams followed by the sounds of charging feet awaken my husband and I out of slumber. Our bedroom door burst open and the light of the hallway reveals the silhouette of our 4-year-old daughter, our little Chickenhawk. In a panic she calls out “Momma” then races across the room and leaps into our bed.

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